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  1. Yesterday
  2. Grumpy Cat dies

    So did we! It's so hard to lose our beloved furry companions.
  3. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Love Mary Hopkin! ❤️
  4. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    I didn't know she could sing- well done!
  5. Complete version of "Could It Be Magic"

    Really good, strongest of the different versions IMHO I had never heard it. Thanks Matt.
  6. Complete version of "Could It Be Magic"

    In late 1973, Bell Records release the debut album by Barry Manilow. From that album came a song which ran 7:18 called "Could It Be Magic" & has a bass guitar near the end of the song. On the Arista album "Barry Manilow I" the song was cut to 6:49 BUT has a choir (no bass guitar) near the end of the song. Same thing on 1992 "The Complete Collection And Then Some" box set. Here is the original 1973 version with the bass guitar & which has NOT been released on CD or on itunes.
  7. Last week
  8. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    Former "Charlie's Angels" Cheryl Ladd "I'll Never Love This Way Again" (from her self - titled 1978 Capitol album) later done by Dionne Warwick in August of 1979. (audio only):
  9. Grumpy Cat dies

    We adored Grumpy Cat.
  10. Grumpy Cat dies

    Grumpy Cat has died at 7 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumpy_Cat
  11. Tim Conway

    Remember the 1976 Disney movie "Gus" about a kicking mule who plays for a football team?? Tim went with Gus to the grocery store!!!
  12. Tim Conway

    Truly one of the greats who was, also, from (as in born, raised, and started career) the Cleveland area.
  13. Tim Conway

    One of the greats! Bernie
  14. Tim Conway

    It was always entertaining to see the other players try to keep from laughing...
  15. Tim Conway

    Not to mention Dorf On Golf!!!
  16. Tim Conway

    I can't think of anyone that made me laugh more.
  17. Tim Conway

    RIP Tim! Thanks for the laughter.
  18. Songs I forgot that I loved

    Well, I had not forgotten about those, but they are good songs! I'm sure there are many I have forgotten about, but I can't remember them at the moment
  19. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Mary Hopkin "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" Remake of the late Doris Day 1956 song. Produced by Paul McCartney with Ringo Starr on drums!! Peaked at # 77 (Billboard Hot 100 Charts) & # 7 (Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts) back in August of 1970. Released as an Apple Stereo 45 single (later on "Those Were The Days" compilation from late 1972).
  20. Paul Gilbert does "My Girl"

    Love it.
  21. Happy Mother's Day

  22. Happy Mother's Day

  23. Happy Mother's Day

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