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  2. I didn't read the posts this time but didn't recognize anybody from their screen names over there.
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  4. Happy Thanksgiving day

  5. Happy Thanksgiving day

  6. Happy Thanksgiving day

  7. Happy Thanksgiving day

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  9. She Loves You is probably kicked the doors in for the Beatles around the world, although I Want TonHold Your Hand was the first big one in America...It has always been my opinion that She Loves You is incomparable...Nothing else sounds like it, before or since...It ties up Beatlemania in a nice tidy package...This following is a pretty great listen... http://swingingthroughthesixties.com/2019/07/episode-29-she-loves-you-anatomy-of-a-song/
  10. Looking through this heading, I guess I already posted this topic, but does anybody recognize any of those posters as members/former members here?...
  11. Not sure if I posted this already, but what does amaze me about these forums is that there are many Eric/Berries fans on this forum that never popped up here(or maybe they did under other names)... https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/why-no-output-from-eric-carmen.178840/
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  13. Interesting topic and response...

    So, your choice is "If You Change Your Mind"
  14. Brave soul...

    Eric wrote all of his songs on the piano!
  15. Brave soul...

    I think Eric once said that he wrote Go All The Way on piano...
  16. Interesting topic and response...

    This is a tough one. I keep changing my mind.
  17. Brave soul...

    I agree, Kirk. This fella tries to reach deep for the essence of the song rather than copycatting. It is a good try, indeed. I would like to hear him play on a real piano, as I think his electronic keyboard limits him.
  18. Brave soul...

    Eric composed his songs at the piano. It takes a lot of courage to try and recreate GATW the way Eric wrote it. Good try:
  19. Guitarist Vincent Bell dies at 84

    The Wrecking Crew FB acknowledgement of Bell's passing.
  20. Guitarist Vincent Bell dies at 84

    We lost another very talented musician. Another icon... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinnie_Bell
  21. Double Fantasy

    This might sound odd but I think Pat Benatar would nail it.
  22. Double Fantasy

    Jack Jones, Paul Mccartney, Freddy Mercury...
  23. Double Fantasy

    NKC is an excellent choice!
  24. Ginger Baker dies

    He was an innovator and a pioneer... just not a people person.
  25. Double Fantasy

    I'll call your Karen Carpenter (which is a good call) and raise you Nat King Cole.
  26. "First released in 1975". Huh? No wonder he couldn't figure out the rest of the video...
  27. Double Fantasy

    Most covers of EC's classic, All By Myself, fall into three main categories: acceptable, mediocre, and abominable. Of course there sometimes is a rare and shining moment when a good cover is uploaded. EVERYONE wants to cover this song well, but that club has a short list of membership. So, my question is, who would you nominate get a shot at joining the ABM Hall of Fame? Who would you choose to get a shot at doing this 20th century classic Carmen/Rachmaninoff composition justice? It can be any singer, past or present from any musical gendre. They just have to sing the song as it should be sung... Crazy stupid vocal gymnastics substituting for poor emotive and storytelling skills will result in an automatic disqualification as well as a permanent ban on that artist's permission to sing EC penned songs. Who in your opinion is good enough to make the grade? I think my first nomination will be Miss Karen Carpenter. Her voice was rich and lush with excellent pitch control, and Karen was a master at telling emotional stories through song.
  28. Not sure if this was ever posted...Its relatively recent... http://www.matthewdicks.com/matthewdicksblog/2018/4/16/eric-carmen-turn-the-radio-up
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