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  2. Paul McCartney—playlists

    I just recently made a little project playlist of my favorite post-Beatle solo songs. I chose my Top 10 favorite from each Beatle, but I decided to limit myself to only choosing Paul's stuff outside of Wings. What would be your Top 10 McCartney songs that he did while not with the Beatles or Wings?
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  4. Paul McCartney—playlists

    Well stated- even though you drank the Koolaid
  5. Paul McCartney—playlists

    Er, I’m part of the “Paul can do no wrong” crowd! Or at least “almost no wrong.” Seriously, I know what you’re saying and can’t argue that not every little thing he’s done is awesome. The thing is, at Paul’s level, the bar is so high. I mean, he was a Beatle! (and for many, THE Beatle)! So part of this divergence of opinions is: Some feel that a Paul “wrong” is anything not up to the level of “All My Loving” or “I’m Down” or “Yesterday” or “Eleanor Rigby” or “Penny Lane” or Let It Be” or “The Long and Wind Road,” or countless others. But despite the challenge of matching his own standards, Macca has refused to rest on his laurels. And I love that. Resting on one’s laurels... well, some artists do that, or just aren’t inspired, or don’t wanna do music anymore. I admire Paul’s drive to keep creating... As I said, i do get your viewpoint (clunkers are in every artist’s catalog). I’m just saying that within Paul’s post-Beatles, post-Wings body of work, there’s stronger output than he’s credited for creating. :-)
  6. Paul McCartney—playlists

    I don't know how anyone who appreciates music can not like Macca, either. What I don't like are the people who think Macca can do no wrong. Let's face it- Paul wrote some clinkers over the years, yet some Paulophites refuse to acknowledge this. I prefer my artists to have a little less output and produce an album with 9 out of 10 songs that are keepers (re: Eric). Perhaps that is where the "I don't like Paul" crowd is coming from?
  7. It's amazing that you can run into people who say they don't like Paul McCartney—to which I always say, "What's not to love?" What an incredible archive of songs he's built: • Those early Beatles classics with John Lennon. • The genius of his (and John's) innovative Rubber Soul- and Revolver-era work. • The unique and groundbreaking material from the Sgt. Pepper era. • The "White Album" masterpieces—which, if you take them out and play as a McCartney "solo," make for a great album (although why would you want to edit out Lennon, Harrison, and Starr?). • "Hey Jude," a single made around the same time as the "White Album," and, for my money, the best pop music song ever. • The Let It Be and Abbey Road achievements, which wouldn't have happened if not for Paul's drive. (I love the Ringo quote where he said that the Beatles never would have finished those last three albums if it weren't the way McCartney enthusiastically pushed the others.) • The solo material in the early 1970s (love Ram especially). • The Wings era—that alone would be a heckuva career. • All the post-Wings music, which is taken for granted but which has lots of definitive high points.... IMHO, there are songs that stand up to his earlier work but get lost in the shadow of that same work (understandably so): "The Songs We Were Singing," "Flaming Pie," "Dance Tonight," "Queenie Eye," "Fine Line," "Sing the Changes" (even better live than on McCartney's Firemen album), and—from my favorite 21st-century Macca album, Driving Rain—"From a Lover to a Friend," "Lonely Road," "Driving Rain," the extremely atmospheric, cool, and odd "Riding in Jaipur," and... an awesome and wild 10-minute song called "Rinse the Raindrops." All of which brings me to the theme here: You could make any number of Macca playlists of 10 or 12 songs and there'd be no wrong answer. So, I give you a playlist of a certain type of McCartney song that you wouldn't necessarily dial up first: songs influenced by the love of show tunes he learned growing up: 1. "Your Mother Should Know" (From the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. This is actually my cell phone ring tone. Seriously.) 2. "Honey Pie" (From the Beatles' "White Album.") 3. "Goodbye" (From Anthology III, an unreleased song from the White Album era... and the song he wrote for Mary Hopkins.) 4. "When I'm 64" (From the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's.) 5. "Baby's Request" (From Wings' Back to the Egg.) 6. "Waterfalls" (From McCartney II.). 7. "Winter Rose/Love Awakening" (From Back to the Egg.) 8. "Warm and Beautiful" (From Wings at the Speed of Sound.) 9. "Here There and Everywhere" (From the Beatles' Revolver.) 10. "The Fool on the Hill" (From the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.) 11. "After the Ball/Million Miles" (From Back to the Egg.) 12. "She's Leaving Home" (From the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.) 13. "Treat Her Gently/Lonely Old People" (From Paul McCartney's Venus & Mars.) 14. "Your Mother Should Know," alternate version (Take 27, from Anthology II.) I know I'm missing an obvious one or two or three in this sub-genre. So, weigh in if you've gone deep into McCartney's catalog. And/or toss in another Macca themed playlist. A sampling from the above...
  8. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    Also Cheryl Ladd was the singer in the Hanna Barbera cartoon "Josie And The Pussycats" in 1970!! She also sang back up in the Chris Christian 1981 song "I Want You, I Need You" which went to # 37 in October of 1981. Cheryl's only Top 40 song "Think It Over" went to # 34 in September of 1978.
  9. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    YES, Cheryl was the replacement & stayed until the final 1981 series!!
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  11. Songs I forgot that I loved

    Two awesome songs there—"Careless Whisper" and "Look What You've Done to Me." And... here's one I rediscover every now and then—one of the steamiest pop songs ever, and a great listen 40-some years later: "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship, featuring the late, great Marty Balin (who went directly past innuendo in his lyrics), with some killer backing vocals by Grace Slick. If you're the age of most on this board, this song can't help but take you back in time to the great unknown of teen years.... I know it's also an Elle favorite, per earlier threads.
  12. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    Wasn't Cheryl Ladd the replacement for Farrah Fawcett?
  13. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    So brilliant that I need to start a thread on Macca. I've been wanting to make note of a certain genre within McCartney's catalog, and "Goodbye" is part and parcel.... Stay tuned. (I didn't want to totally hijack this nice thread on Mary Hopkins and Doris Day!)
  14. Grumpy Cat dies

    Well, I do like cats, although ever since I got a dog, the cats have been leapfrogged. A great dog (like mine) is a game-changer!
  15. Raspberries Trading Cards

    It was Halloween night in '62 and when we were done canvassing the neighborhood I dumped out my pillow case and along with the candy there were 2 Mars Attacks cards. I was hooked just from looking at those two cards and spent every dime of my allowance at the local drug store buying the packs out of a vending machine- 5 cards and a stick of bubblegum. Took awhile to get all the cards, but it was pretty exciting for a 9 year old!
  16. Raspberries Trading Cards

    Those Mars Attacks cards from the 1960s were great. I had a handful of them. Somehow. They really got into your head! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1962-Mars-Attacks-21-Prize-Captive-PSA-3-5-Well-Centered-Popular-Card/153483360793?hash=item23bc523a19:g:mtIAAOSwkElc1ZqR
  17. Raspberries Trading Cards

    LC, I have a bunch of cards from the 50's, 60's, and a few 70's. Every kind you can imagine. My favorite was my complete Mars Attacks set that the druggie neighborhood kid stole a few years back.
  18. Grumpy Cat dies

    A gold star to Larry for firing on all cylinders to keep this Message Board alive! Going the extra mile to add his thoughts to a Grumpy Cat post, of all things! Kudos, LC! Bernie
  19. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    He was so brilliant back then! Brilliant still, of course, but back then?!? Hoo boy! Bernie
  20. Raspberries Trading Cards

    The cards were Ken Sharp’s idea, and they did turn out VERY cool ( if I do say so myself)! Bernie
  21. Raspberries Trading Cards

    Who remembers these 'berries cards? Well-designed, Bernie. As someone who has been an editor and longtime writer in the area of baseball, football, and other types of cards and collectibles, I got a kick out of them. In fact, I wonder why music cards never got anywhere near the level of sports cards. It's such a great topic... there are new releases every year that would provide great fodder for themes and for text on the back. And fans of music are as passionate as sports fans. And the visuals would be great. We used to talk about that at our office when I was editing in the collectibles field. We did publish an entertainment card magazine, but it was much smaller than our sports card mag. And the focus was split between then-new comic book characters featured in card sets (Batman, Superman, and the like) and vintage cards, from tobacco issues to those great 1960s and '70s sets featuring everything from monsters to cars to TV shows. And, yes, we did cover the music cards out there, too. Don't forget: In the 1950s, there were Elvis cards put out by Topps, and multiples sets of Beatles cards in the 1960s—I remember those well. Monkees cards, too, were popular when I was a kid. And I remember Partridge Family cards in the 1970s. And Topps put out some Elvis cards in the 1970s, too—I think right after he died. And all kinds of other oddball sets have come out. Cyndi Lauper cards in the 1980s. Pro Set 's "Super Stars of Music" cards in the 1990s. Country music cards in the 1990s. All-new and well designed sets of Elvis cards and Beatles cards in the the 1990s. But overall, music cards have never quite caught on, even though they're pretty interesting and kind of fun. Bernie's cards added to the fun.
  22. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Bernie, that McCartney version is so awesome. I've always loved the mood of his version. Mary's too. But it's hard to beat Paul.
  23. Carpool Karaoke: ABM

    Ha! That's great. The song that keeps on keepin' on.
  24. GATW "From The Fire" cover

    I missed it the first time around, so great to hear it. Good energy. Thanks, Dave!
  25. On eBay last month, somebody spent $100 for your Marathon Man book, Bernie. (https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Raspberries-Eric-Carmen-MARATHON-MAN-2004-1st-Edition-Book-Mint-Rare/113714433276?epid=122290010&hash=item1a79e88cfc:g:siYAAOSwS4tcrgy1) And we seen it sell for even higher prices in the recent past. I got a kick out of the seller's note: "This book was never read..." Makes an author feel good, huh? Well, he/she likely bought two copies, one to read and one as an investment. On the other hand, last year, I saw on eBay that somebody was selling a baseball book I wrote in the late 1990s; it had been autographed by both me and the photographer whose work was featured. I even personalized it "To Ed...." Apparently, Ed no longer wanted his collector's item book of Mickey Mantle photography. So, I bought it myself! And I gave it to a close friend of mine whose name is Ed. Worked out nicely!
  26. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Back in 1991 when they were showing reruns of "The Ed Sullivan Show" in a half hour format, I saw Mary Hopkin doing the song "Goodbye" in 1969 for the first time!!
  27. Carpool Karaoke: ABM

    Too funny!
  28. GATW "From The Fire" cover

    Yep, solid...made the rounds awhile back.
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