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  2. Happy Easter

  3. Happy Easter

  4. Happy Easter

  5. Happy Easter

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  7. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    Always loved Alone Again Naturally." Bernie
  8. Gilbert o’Sullivan

    O’Sullivan has added a Philly date for July 10...Now, if only I can get Nick Gilder and Chris Rea to the States...
  9. Rumor Mill

    True! A reunion (of sorts) did, indeed, take place! It was an AMAZING show! Bernie
  10. Susie, I was going to post something about this but you beat me to it! Actually, the guitar at the Met is one of Joan's touring guitars (different control knobs, one pickup) that she made while safeguarding Eric's original. I've read for over a decade that she has the original is a "safe," but I've never seen a recent picture of it. Hope she actually still has it. Bernie PS: Cool to see Eric's name in the description!
  11. Happy Easter

  12. Happy Easter

  13. Happy Easter

  14. Happy Easter

  15. Dateline NBC: Timeline

    I use to love watching Dateline NBC and (The Timeline). All the greats are gone or replaced. Almost, everything great (shows, movies, etc) back then has been done and they are just trying to redo that great stuff and make it worse. I sure don't miss watching tv anymore Matt. Nancy.
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  17. Happy Easter

  18. Happy Easter

  19. Happy Easter

  20. Happy Easter

  21. Happy Easter

  22. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter and Passover to my EC.com family!!!
  23. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, everyone!!
  24. Happy Easter

  25. Happy Easter

  26. Happy Easter

  27. Happy Easter

  28. Happy Easter

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