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  2. I Can Hardly Believe...

    I love the song also.
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  4. I Can Hardly Believe...

    LC, the demo of "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" is superior to this live version, IMHO.
  5. Apology/Challenge To James

    Not to highlight this ahead of the other poetry here, Susie, but... this is GREAT! I'd never seen this. Lennon is so cool here.... Awesome find. Thank you! (Pardon the interruption!)
  6. A live version of "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," vintage 1974. Kirk or another long-timer here likely already posted this somewhere along the way. But... I stumbled upon it on YouTube tonight and I thought I'd share. It's one of my favorite 'berries songs—and, in my humble opinion, the group's most underrated number. Eric and the band (Wally, Scott, Mike) seem to rush through it a bit here. It's still an exciting number, but there's something about the original recording's deliberate pace that gave it that much more urgency.
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  8. As singer Lenny Kravitz said back in 1995 "Rock And Roll Is Dead" (from "Circus" & "Greatest Hits").
  9. One of Eric's re-tweets put this Rolling Stone expose in front of his followers, a piece noting that "fake artists" on Spotify are watering down payments to real artists: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/fake-artists-have-billions-of-streams-on-spotify-is-sony-now-playing-the-service-at-its-own-game-834746/ From the RS piece: Spotify "divides its total industry payout across the entirety of artists on its platform, based on their portion of overall streams. The important bit: if 'fake artists' are paid lower contractual royalty rates than 'rea' acts, and then, driven by playlist inclusion, claim a certain percentage of Spotify’s total monthly streams, Spotify ends up keeping more money." Eric's comment: "Unbelievable. A new low, even for the music business."
  10. Garage sale! Garage sale! Garage sale! Bernie, I hope you get in a "pruning" mood soon. A garage sale could perk up our board.... I can probably find a few things to add to the party.
  11. This is a relatively recent thread (2014), as EC.com goes. It starts with AnneNR's post on an Esquire interview in which Gene Simmons opined that rock'n'roll is dead. File-sharing and free-downloading have killed it.... (It's not new, by the way—remember making mix tapes for friends back in the day?) Anyway, the thread drew lots of agreement from this gang. It even attracted the comments of Eric Carmen. (Was this the last time Eric posted here?) He had some insights from the "inside," like: "Gene IS right, but it's not 'rock" that's dead, it's the whole music business. There's an entire generation out there that have never held a CD ( Let alone an ALBUM! ) in their collective hands. The concept of owning the CD is almost dead.' And, if you missed it, how about this revelation?: I think I mentioned in a previous post that "All By Myself" got almost a million hits on Pandora, during a six month reporting period. That netted me $38.00. Meanwhile, the CEO of Pandora took home a $29,000,000 paycheck last year. Wow! The thread had my own cut-and-paste of a Rosanne Cash letter on the topic of artists getting ripped off, and some spirited discussion involving James, and the appearance of some old friends, like Wendy Ann and PaperDoll82 and Mary Ellen.... Eric has continued to speak out on the topic via Twitter. I'll make time to capture some of his salient points to record here.... Meanwhile, the original thread is a good read!
  12. Grumpy Cat dies

    Hmm... I wasn't familiar with Grumpy's work, I've gotta say. But a quick search of Google, and I can say his face looks familiar. And 7 is pretty young for a cat. I had a brother/sister combo that lived to 18 and 16.5. Love cats. But over the past three years, I've rediscovered dogs.... Best creatures on earth!
  13. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Me too, Susie. She has such an innocent, waif-like voice—very endearing. Her cover of Paul's "Goodbye" is awesome.
  14. Paul Gilbert does "My Girl"

    Most definitely cool. Illustrates, without vocals, how lively the melody is.
  15. I was just talking to Tommy Tunes, and I swear he said he was going to see Joan Jett. Tommy, did I get that wrong? Her tour schedule: https://www.ticketmaster.com/joan-jett-the-blackhearts-tickets/artist/837666
  16. Grumpy Cat dies

    So did we! It's so hard to lose our beloved furry companions.
  17. Mary Hopkin does Doris Day

    Love Mary Hopkin! ❤️
  18. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    I didn't know she could sing- well done!
  19. Complete version of "Could It Be Magic"

    Really good, strongest of the different versions IMHO I had never heard it. Thanks Matt.
  20. Complete version of "Could It Be Magic"

    In late 1973, Bell Records release the debut album by Barry Manilow. From that album came a song which ran 7:18 called "Could It Be Magic" & has a bass guitar near the end of the song. On the Arista album "Barry Manilow I" the song was cut to 6:49 BUT has a choir (no bass guitar) near the end of the song. Same thing on 1992 "The Complete Collection And Then Some" box set. Here is the original 1973 version with the bass guitar & which has NOT been released on CD or on itunes.
  21. Cheryl Ladd does Dionne

    Former "Charlie's Angels" Cheryl Ladd "I'll Never Love This Way Again" (from her self - titled 1978 Capitol album) later done by Dionne Warwick in August of 1979. (audio only):
  22. Grumpy Cat dies

    We adored Grumpy Cat.
  23. Grumpy Cat dies

    Grumpy Cat has died at 7 years old. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumpy_Cat
  24. Tim Conway

    Remember the 1976 Disney movie "Gus" about a kicking mule who plays for a football team?? Tim went with Gus to the grocery store!!!
  25. Tim Conway

    Truly one of the greats who was, also, from (as in born, raised, and started career) the Cleveland area.
  26. Happy Mother's Day

  27. Happy Mother's Day

  28. Happy Mother's Day

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