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  2. Diane Warren & Eric got it from Eric's wife Amy's twitter June.14.2016 https://twitter.com/CarmenAmy1/status/1139342168873668608
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  4. Happy Father's Day

  5. Happy Father's Day

  6. Happy Father's Day

  7. Happy Father's Day

  8. Demo pick 'em

    My favorite demos are 1. After You 2. Love At Last 3. Wild Wild Heart Anyway there are so many demos I've never heard......
  9. Eric last night

    At the Song Writers Hall Of Fame induction ceremony https://twitter.com/CarmenAmy1/status/1139342168873668608
  10. At The Record Plant

    That was good.
  11. Eric last night

  12. At The Record Plant

    Me thinks Bernie is being a wisenheimer...
  13. Last week
  14. At The Record Plant

    Perhaps Bernie. I think a lot of them are connected as friends on Facebook. Perhaps they just got tired of waiting for Eric to return to the board. He's really missed here. Nancy.
  15. At The Record Plant

    They got tired of the Message Board after begging for the Message Board to stay open! Bernie
  16. LC- I don't know if the Choir will be playing anything other than the songs on the Artifact album. I would expect that they would though.. I will look into that. I believe that in the WB/CW concert that Bill March will also be in the band. I am not sure who else at this time. It has been a long time since I have posted (due to being crazy busy @ work) and now I am back at square one with one post due to email changes. Is anyone on this site planning on attending either concert?
  17. PS: Here's the Omnivore announcement of its release of the CD: https://omnivorerecordings.com/shop/the-choir-artifact-the-unreleased-album/ And if you don't know the record, sample each song at Amazon and you'll get a nice taste of that great late-'60s sound (and its palpable British Invasion influence): https://www.amazon.com/Artifact-Unreleased-Album-Choir/dp/B077ZK3XLV Who knows the story behind the song "For Eric"?
  18. Hey, good stuff! Great to see Wally wielding that axe again... and it's so cool that the Choir is playing an album they recorded 50 (!) years ago! Is the Choir playing anything beyond Artifact, or just the album proper? Thanks for checking in!
  19. Matthew, the maximum size for images here is 0.02 MB, so... I'll have to input the text on that ad. Coming soon....
  20. Eric Carmen Will Stun You

    HEY, I can't see the writing!! How about a large copy of that???
  21. Here is what's up- Wally is playing with Chris Wintrip of Brimstone @ The Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, Ohio, Friday 9/6 @ 8:00pm. Tix $35 Premium, $25 Reserved and $15 standing. Chris' Bio: Professional guitarist, vocalist, recording artist, and producer. Chris Wintrip has enjoyed a successful music career performing with Joe Walsh, Frampton’s Camel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Roger McGuinn, Harry Chapin, Billy Sheehan, The New York Dolls, The Raspberries, Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp, including a special honor in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 1997 exhibit “My Town” with his prog band Brimstone and their LP, Paper Winged Dreams.) And... On Friday 9/20 @ 8:00pm also at The Music Box Supper Club, The Choir will be Performing their 1969 lost album 'Artifact'. Same tix prices as above. The circa 1969 version of The Choir (BFW. Before Wally) who recorded this album and who will be performing this show includes:Jim Bonfanti: drums, vocals; Ken Margolis: piano, vocals; Phil Giallombardo: organ, vocals; Denny Carleton, bass, vocals and Randy Klawon: guitar, vocals
  22. My Thanks To You :-)

    THIS "GREAT" post was a little before my Eric Carmen and Raspberries time on here. Started browsing all the comments on here and got a little teary eyed. This couldn't be truer than to all whom had written it all on here. And to you Bernie, this is a beautiful thing and would only hope that these people find there way back here, someday because "THIS" is what ericcarmen.com is ALL about and THIS deserves a bump. AGAIN, Thank you for all you do Bernie! xx. Nancy.
  23. I remember getting a copy of this print ad out of Billboard when I was in college: I thought it was a very high-impact plug from a company (Arista) that didn't always lavishly promote Eric's work. Like?
  24. ..........melody, I turn to Miss Paulina's "Ayudame". Addicting melody, I love it, and there's more like it in Latin America:

    I keep hearing funny noises in my condominium. I finally did an extensive search, and found that the noises were originating from the rear area of my dog...and then when I went to put on some instant weight, I realized that my last box of frozen White Castle double cheeseburgers has gone missing! Hmmm........ TO BE CONTINUED..
  26. Ohio earthquake

    The two theme songs for this thread are linked below:
  27. Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes And James’ Poetry

    Hi Lew, it's me, James. And I'm a little depressed. I am. I know what everybody will say, "how can James be depressed when he, well.....when he is JAMES?? .......And they would have an excellent point. But the truth is, sometimes its hard being me. So because that's so hard for most to fathom, let me explain through the best vehicle I have: my art, more specifically ,my poetry. Here goes: Roses are red, I'm feeling blue, Corny West is on tv, Debating Candice Owens. (You know my depression is bad when I struggle to rhyme) :-( Anyway... You see Candace is hot, I'm in love with that girl, Never will our eyes meet, I'm too busy saving the world. Hark! I suggested to Candace, She forget James and find another. Lew Bundles is free! She replied: OH BROTHER. Behold! Lew's in his prime, Lew Bundles is no has-been, But hot Candace let me know, She can't deal with 5 chins. Anyway, Candace is a chick, All chicks are the same, When they get the scent of James, All other dudes become lame. So though hard, I'll do my duty, Satisfy Candace, AND save the world. But in my next life, my reward comes, I want to be born a squirrel. James, 2019
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