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  2. Did Someone Here Buy This eBay Item?

    Well, it looks like he finally sold it. I was in contact with Mark (the seller) a few years ago when he first got this. He had this and most of a Raspberries fan club packet. We exchanged a lot of emails- I was helping him figure out what he had. I'll check with Mark and see if I can find out who bought it.
  3. EBAY - RASPBERRIES 1973 TOUR NOTES Would love to have a look at the Diary to help corroborate tour dates, recording schedules, etc. Let me know. Bernie
  4. All By Myself history

  5. https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2007/08/17/michael-stanley-reads-our-raspberries-story-decides-it-sucks Recognize some ec.com members Coming to Berries/Stanley’s defense...
  6. This was kinda fun

    That was enjoyable.
  7. Yesterday
  8. New photo?

    Great picture! Thanks for sharing it, Kirk
  9. Hungry Eyes dissection

    In the Musical Rorschach section of Marathon Man, the only thing Eric said about Foolin' Myself is "a little overdramatic", so maybe it's not one of his favorites. I kind of see it as son of All By Myself, but in some ways I like Foolin' Myself better. Maybe the song has the same stigma as You Took Me All The Way; the son of Go All The Way. Eric said You Took Me All The Way would have been a good song if he hadn't already written Go All The Way. I wonder if he feels the same way about Foolin' Myself and All By Myself?
  10. Hungry Eyes dissection

    Great story! Bernie
  11. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I was working for a beer distributor and the New Haven Coliseum was one of my good customers...When the Dirty Dancing Tour came rolling in, I got a chance to go backstage and meet Eric...I was “kissing his ass” and telling him how much I loved his stuff...He seemed to be almost incredulous that someone could be that big of a fan...I started to tell him about my favorite songs and when I mentioned Foolin’ Myself, he said, “Now I know you’re lying”...I guess he doesn’t have high regards for that song.. Agree Bern, love that album....
  12. Todd Rundgren's funniest song

    Todd certainly deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe this will be his year. Bernie
  13. Hungry Eyes dissection

    That's how I discovered the "Tonight You're Mine" album! Checking the "C" bin every time I went to a record store, and then...holy shit! A new Eric Carmen album! I can still remember putting the cassette tape into my car's tape player minutes after buying it and hearing those finger snaps that started "It Hurts Too Much." What a great experience. What a GREAT album! Bernie
  14. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I do remember that book! I found this image online. Apparently it was called the "Phonolog!" Bernie
  15. This was kinda fun

    Quite an elaborate production! Bernie
  16. New photo?

    Nice shot. I've seen that photo before, so assume I have it somewhere... but can't seem to find it. Hmmm... maybe I'm imagining things! Bernie
  17. Todd Rundgren's funniest song

    "Can We Still Be Friends" is my favorite from that album. The late Robert Palmer did the remake from 1979 "Secrets".
  18. Hungry Eyes dissection

    Yea...They would put a new page in when an artist had a new release...
  19. Hungry Eyes dissection

    Do any of you guys remember that huge yellow book that record stores used to have? It was 3 times the size of a big phonebook and pages could be updated as an artist came out with new material. This was probably the biggest single resource before the internet.
  20. This was kinda fun

    IDK...so many people use phony names on here
  21. Hungry Eyes dissection

    Information was spotty at best...There is a fellow poster here named Billy, one of my Connecticut posse, who I would remain in contact every 6 months or so, and share any tidbit of info that we could come up with...I remember reading in Billboard magazine that Eric would have a song “Hungry Eyes” in a new movie called Dirty Dancing...Couldn’t wait to see the movie so that I could hear the song for the first time....Billy, if you’re still around, do you remember those days?...You are right Craig about this website...A source of invaluable info...
  22. Hungry Eyes dissection

    After posting above about the first time hearing Hungry Eyes, I realized that my memory failed me. It wasn't Hungry Eyes I heard on the softball field. It was "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" from the Geffen album. I knew my memories weren't adding up because I remember seeing something on TV that alerted me to Eric having a song in Dirty Dancing. I remember now that I was actually on my way to the store to buy the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack when I heard it on the car radio for the first time.
  23. Last week
  24. Hungry Eyes dissection

    I often think back to those days (pre-internet) when there was really no way of knowing what was going on with Eric's career. I only became the big fan in 1982. By then his last album was two years old and two more long years of checking the "C" bins every time I walked into the record stores passed before the Geffen album. And then another three years before Hungry Eyes. Three years is an eternity when you have no info, no status whatsoever on what is going on with Eric. Maybe that's why I value this website SO much. It opened up a completely other world of information and musical treasures which was such a shift in what I had previously available to me. And I'm still learning new things all the time by coming here.
  25. This was kinda fun

    Pretty cool...Was this guy ever a poster here?
  26. New photo?

    Good find, K man...Never saw this...
  27. New photo?

    There's a guy on one of the FB Raspberries pages that posts a lot of stuff, 99.9% I've seen before. Don't believe I'd seen this one, however- Raspberries at Hyde Park in London:
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