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  2. Something mellow...

    Love it! Bernie
  3. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    Whoa! "Sherlock" Lew Bundles! Amazing new information! I always wondered where that recording came from because it sounded like it was recorded in a studio, yet there was applause from a small audience after each song! Wow! The reason the recording is so GREAT is that I somehow got my hands of a DAT of the performance. And it is DEFINITELY Raspberries, not Eric solo. Pretty sure I only uploaded a handful of tracks from that show over the years (including the incredible slow ballad version of "Let's Pretend" posted above.) So, here's "Play On" as a thank you to Lew for his insane detective work! TROD NOSSEL RADIO CONCERT - RASPBERRIES - PLAY ON Bernie
  4. Hello from a newbie

    Welcome, Mark. This Message Board was started in 1997, so you have a lot of catching up to do! Bernie
  5. Today
  6. Hate to say this but, I took your advice Kirk and didn't listen to it at all! Lol. Nancy.
  7. You cannot listen to this version...

    She was dead serious...
  8. Well, I always admire a good effort, because honestly, I'd be no better. But you're right: 54 seconds for me.
  9. ...for the entire song- I guarantee it:
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello from a newbie

    Welcome aboard Mark! Think you'll enjoy not only the people here but also the posts. Lots of great topic's and info here! Nancy.
  12. it's a hot one

    Have a great summer Bessieboo! And...the same to everyone else here. We sure waited long enough for this gorgeous weather!!! Nancy.

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a super great person on your special day! I hope you had a great, great day!?! P.S.....I'm not too sure how to upload a cake, picture on here but if I could remember, I would certainly have done that for you as well! Cheers. :-) Nancy.
  14. it's a hot one

    I like this song ....I should explore Santana´s music some as I only know the few hits they´ve had.
  15. it's a hot one

    Bessie, have fun, and don´t forget to bring your Sven-Palm-Waver muscle dudes with you to keep you cool!! :-)
  16. it's a hot one

    Great vid and song—Santana is somewhat under-appreciated in many corners. Have fun!
  17. it's a hot one

    The Adirondack mountains?...
  18. it's a hot one

    Welcome to summer ! We are heading our northern Adirondack home. Spoty connections up there, God bless . I will do my best to keep in touch.
  19. Last week
  20. Something mellow...

    Gorgeous cover!
  21. Hello from a newbie

    Hi Mark! Welcome to the EC.com family!
  22. what a talent

    Welcome To this great Website Chris-Tammy Quick
  23. what a talent

    Speaking of Eric and classical influences, there's a thread that Kirk just started called "Something Mellow" where he shares a link to "Love Is All That Matters" played on acoustic guitar—sounds like something by a classical master. Here's a link to that thread: And here's an Eric comment about "Love Is All That Matters" from a 1991 interview with Gordon Pagoda: I'll tell you how that one was written. I was watching a Leonard Bernstein children's concert where he would explain classical music. It was a lesson of how Bach established a melody in the first eight bars. Then basically, the melody was repeated continually from the beginning to the end of the song, just played in a different register on a different instrument. I had this idea to take the simplest possible little piece of melody, which was those first few notes of the "Love Is All That Matters" chorus, and then be able to repeat them. My idea was to do it so that it ended up being a round where a French horn would play it one time, an oboe would play it the next time. But you could actually start on any beat—on beat 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 of the bar—and have different instruments playing that melody. Then, it would work against each other. It was just kind of an experiment, and it worked. There was another version of the song that got lost somewhere in the shuffle that I like much better. It had a lot more echo, and it had a lot more stuff to it. I wasn't really thrilled with the mix, but these things happen.
  24. what a talent

    Great post, Chris. Thanks for writing it! There's definitely something about Eric's classical training that makes his work so unique. Welcome.... Best, Larry
  25. Something mellow...

    Actually, Kirk, it's pretty darn nice for a Sunday night wind-down, too. If you close your eyes and soak it in, the classical brilliance of that melody really strikes you. It's kind of stunning, in a way. Great find. Thank you! PS: I forgot how much I've loved that song from the first time I heard it.
  26. At The Record Plant

    If we are taking attendence, I'm here. Agreed, we do need some incentive to bring folks home to EC.com. I think lots of people are tweeting since EC is there.
  27. Raspberries/Trod Nossel Studio

    Could be he missed this thread the last time he was on here. Bernie was in on the original conversation about this gig. I think that's when we determined it must have been a studio or radio station because you wouldn't be wearing headphones on a concert stage.
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