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  2. Dateline NBC: Timeline

    I use to love watching Dateline NBC and (The Timeline). All the greats are gone or replaced. Almost, everything great (shows, movies, etc) back then has been done and they are just trying to redo that great stuff and make it worse. I sure don't miss watching tv anymore Matt. Nancy.
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  4. Happy Easter

  5. Happy Easter

  6. Happy Easter

  7. Happy Easter

  8. Happy Easter

  9. Last week
  10. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter and Passover to my EC.com family!!!
  11. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, everyone!!
  12. Happy Easter

  13. Happy Easter

  14. Happy Easter

  15. Happy Easter

  16. Happy Easter

  17. Barbershop song

    King Crimson "Barbershop" (from "Three Of A Perfect Pair" CD bonus tracks reissue):
  18. Happy Easter

  19. Happy Easter

  20. Happy Easter

  21. Happy Easter

  22. Now on itunes

    I have decided to go to the itunes website & download my music!! Since the first week of April, my brother Mike fixed the website & now I will be paying $ 9.99 for the complete CD. All you need to do is go to a store which has gift cards & will cost $ 15, $ 50 or $ 100 & there is a secret code (just have to write down your password) & on the right corner shows how much you have & there you have it. The artwork however when you copy from the printer only has the front cover of the album or CD & on the back side are song titles & total time of the song. It does NOT have extra pictures, lyrics, musicians who are on the album & liner notes on itunes whatsoever. I just bought on itunes King Crimson's "Discipline" (1981) "Beat" (1982) & "Three Of A Perfect Pair" (1984) (all remastered) BUT it does contain the complete booklets on all 3 CD's!! The next Sting album "My Songs" (new recuts of The Police & solo material) (out in late May) also contains a booklet which you can download!!
  23. First Post

    Yep, same Mitch! He does a nice job with that FB page.
  24. Put your dukes up...

    I was hoping to lure some people back...
  25. Put your dukes up...

    If Marvin was around, he'd tell Lew a thing or two...
  26. First Post

    I believe this is the same Mitch that has the Raspberries Rocks FB page. Wow- he retired in 2006- lucky guy!
  27. Put your dukes up...

    Sweet Lew! This is one of your best threads ever. It shows incredible bravado to go on the EC board in the midst of a grass-roots campaign out on social internet sites to get the Raspberries into the Hall of Fame. And here you come to throw some water on it all. And you know what? You make a sound anti-Raspberries argument with your "She Loves You"" bit and your John Waite comparison. But... I'm still solidly on the bandwagon. The Hall of Fame is a farce until it recognizes the band that, despite "She Loves You," was the architect of power pop. The only argument that matters is.... "Go All the Way," "Overnight Sensation," "Tonight," "Ecstasy," "I Wanna Be with You," "Let's Pretend," "I Don't know What I Want," "Should I Wait," "Party's Over," "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine," etc. etc. :-)
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