Anyone have any guesses at to what Eric's unhappy about regarding the Walk Down Abbey Road tour? I've thought about this quite a bit and based on what little he has said, I can only think of two things. One, originally each artist was to perform five of their own songs. This got shortened to two songs in order to perform more Beatles' covers. Maybe Eric is unhappy about this. I, personally, would rather hear Eric do more of his own songs than Beatles' covers but at the same time I'd rather hear him do "No Reply" over "Hungry Eyes" again. Another possibilty is the scheduling between him and Todd. There is a lot of confusion as to which shows Eric was set to play and which would have Todd and if any would have both. I know it's futile to sit around and speculate, but it is getting down to the wire and I'm on pins and needles trying to reckon it all out.