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Lew Bundles

Guilty Pleasure...

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I dig this chick...Their Wikipedia page said that she had to quit performing this song after her mother died...Too painful to sing since the lyrics hit home...


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I like the song, it´s good pop.

And there is actually a back story to this. You see, the lead singer girl tried to join The James Harem back in the day. She applied, but because I was only 6, my Mom wouldn´t let her join.

I loved my Mom, she was extremely wise, taught me a lot, but sometimes I was not in accord with her judgment. So when the lead singer chick was rejected, I threw a tornado of a tantrum. Poor Mom.

Anyway, when I become of age, the girl applied again, but by that time she was way over the age limit (19), and we had no old chick hardship spots opened, so she was rejected.

Rumor has it that once rejected, instead of continuing to apply as most do, she became philosophical and adopted "You can´t always get what you want" as her personal theme song. Makes sense to me. We all have our unique ways in dealing with painful life experiences.


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