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Craig Benfer

AM/FM Trivia

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If you'd like to participate, pick only ONE question from the group of 6. (first come, first serve) You will receive 1 point for a correct answer. If someone has answered a question with an answer that you feel might be incorrect, you may make another (different) guess. Of course, only one participate will score 1 point for that question. Each quiz will be posted for at least 3 days before another quiz is posted. I will keep the running score for each player. 

Note, that I am using a music Trivia Game published in 1985. The answers that are on those cards are official. Please do not use the internet to research answers. The honor system will be used.


Quiz #1:

1. The Cha-Cha-Cha was the 15th top 40 hit within 3 years for which Philadelphia singer in 1962?

2. Prove It All Night was a top 40 hit in 1978 for whom?

3. What Have They Done To The ________ was a 1965 top 30 hit single by The Searchers.

4. Love Is Here And Now You're ________ was a #1 hit by the Supremes in 1967.

5. Memories was a 1969 top 40 single taken from whose first TV special?

6. Playin' It Cool was a 1964 hit by Timothy B. Schmit, formerly of what major rock band?



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