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Eagles, song rankings

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Ok, we haven´t done this one yet. What are your top Eagles´ tunes?


1. Try and Love Again
2. The Last Resort
3. Desperado/Doolin Dalton reprise
4. New Kid in Town
5. Tryin
6. Do Something
6a. Waiting in the Weeds
7. Take the Devil
8. Is it True
9. My Man
10. Ole 55

2nd ten: 
11. Hollywood Waltz
12. Lyin Eyes
13. Pretty Maids all in a row
14. Long Road out of Eden
15. Saturday Night
16. Too Many Hands
17. Those Shoes
18. Greeks don´t want no freaks
19. After the Thrill is Gone
20. Hotel California (probably would be higher if I hadn´t got kinda sick of it)

Bunch of songs not on my list are very good, a testament to how talented the Eagles were writing and recording great music. 

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1.      Take It Easy

2.      Ole 55

3.      Desperado

4.      The Last Resort

5.      Hotel California

6.      New Kid in Town

7.      Try and Love Again

8.      Already Gone

9.      Tequila Sunrise

10.   Best of My Love

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As noted on the Eagles LP thread... my Top 20 is very hits-heavy. I'm sure I'll come up with other choices after a drilling deeper....

1. I Can't Tell You Why. A non-Henley/Frey song at the Top of an Eagles list? This is so great, though.
2. Lyin' Eyes
3. Hotel California
4. One of These Nights
5. Take It to the Limit
6. Wasted Time
7. Best of My Love
8. Take It Easy
9. Pretty Maids All in a Row
10. Try and Love Again

11. Peaceful Easy Feeling
12. Tequila Sunrise
13. Last Resort
14. Love Will Keep Us Alive
15. Desperado
16. New Kid in Town
17. In the City

18. Witchy Woman
19. Already Gone
20. Heartache Tonight

I do like "The Long Run," actually. And honorable mention to "Please Come Home for Christmas." 

And just like that, I have an Eagles playlist!  

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Here goes....

1. Best Of My Love
2. After The Thrill Is Gone
3. The Last Resort
4. One Of These Nights
5. Tryin'
6. Waiting In The Weeds
7. I Can't Tell You Why
8. Lyin Eyes
9. Try And Love Again
10. Love Will Keep Us Alive

11. Take It Easy
12. Desperado
13. Ol' 55
14. What Do I Do With This Heart
15. Take It To The Limit
16. New Kid In Town
17. Wasted Time
18. Is It True
19. The Girl From Yesterday
20. On The Border

And like James said...a bunch more good ones.

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