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Vinnie B Trask


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Lew!!!....if you study Biden, you´ll know he earned a bunch of $s via corruption. As VP you can go to school on how Biden did it, and do it yourself!!!!!!

Man, Lew´s gonna be RICH.

P.S. when you rob your millions Lew, don´t pay Trask a cent of commission. He´ll claim he deserves a cut as he picked you for VP etc etc etc. But don´t cave in. 

AnyWay, TRASK / BUNDLES 2020!!  ......I´m SO in.  .....´nough said.

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susie b   

Sorry fellas...

My write in vote is for the Darlenelama.

She will fix everything AND keep funding for music education in the schools.

And I'm thinking that Lew would still be a fine VP with Raspathens as Attorney General and Marlene as the Health Goddess.


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