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Lew Bundles

A Few opinions from “The Plastic Lounge”

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The Raspberries

Their music was actually pretty good but why doesn't any radio station play it these days? Even oldies.

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Their LP with the scratch and sniff sticker was so strong that it was knocking people out. I came across the LP still in the shrink wrap with the sticker still on it and it still smelled...

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Eric Carmen was a big haired cutie and talented too.

see offsite link on fanpix.net
—Let's Pretend
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Loved Eric Carmen & The Raspberries. Very underrated!!!

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I dunno OP, they sure play "All The Way" a lot on the oldies station.

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Ah, the good old days when musicians "sampled" Rachmaninoff

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Eric Carmen was a big haired cutie and talented too.

Yes. My 7-year old self had a massive crush on him.

God, what a plastic surgery victim he's become, though! 'Tis a pity.

see offsite link on tmz.com


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