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Lew Bundles

Steven Tyler sabotages opening bands...

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Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, had a bad habit of sabotaging opening bands if they were too well liked. Many bands have affirmed this through their personal experience. The band Kansas alluded to this in their two hour band historical documentary, Miracles out of Nowhere. They said that while on tour, if the band was getting a good vibe from the crowd, Tyler would go around unplugging amps and mics, effectively sabotaging the opening bands performance. Kansas, clued in to this by a previous tour with Aerosmith, ran fake wires to their amps and hid the real plugs, and Tyler was frustrated and stymied when he began pulling plugs and nothing happened.

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How incredibly egotistical, immature, and unprofessional. Not cool, Steve.

June 14 · 
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What an asshole. No wonder I’ve never liked him.

June 26 · 
 including Byron Quiñónez

If I remember right Tyler was”adjusted” a bit by the bass player from Kansas 😆


I would love to read that story!


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susie b   

I remember EC posting of how Chuck Berry tried to make EC and Wally look bad when they played with him.

You would think that musicians of a certain caliber would be secure enough in their own talent to be generous to other musicians.

I guess not.


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If I recall, Eric mentioned that episode with Chuck Berry happened in my hometown, Columbus, at a famous place there called The Agora.

P.S. I posted here a video of Shakira, a Latin pop star, who doesn´t write or play rock & roll normally, performing "Dude looks like a lady". Tyler was in the audience and she walked
to his seat toward the end of the song, where they sang the last chorus together. She tore it up,....though a Latin pop star, she outrocked Aerosmith on the song by a mile. Main point here is that Tyler knew it, but he went wild as a fan in the stands cheering her on. A good sport was he in this episode.

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