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Eric tells of “most impressive live show he’s ever seen”

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Rockers Recall The Most Impressive Live Gigs They’ve Seen

Eric Carmen (Raspberries): Trying to pick one concert by one act is pretty difficult. I never got to see the Beatles live, so it can’t be the Beatles. I caught the Rolling Stones in 1966 or 1967 at the Cleveland Arena. They were very cool, but not great musically. I guess the two best shows I’ve ever seen were the Who in 1968, when my band, Cyrus Erie, opened for them, and Elton John‘s “Yellow Brick Road” show, for completely different reasons. The Who were the most exciting band I’ve ever seen, and I think they were at their peak in 1968...Pete Townshend was so riveting onstage that I almost forgot to watch Roger and Keith (who were also spectacular). It was like watching Rudolph Nureyev with a guitar. They were all just incredible performers and musicians, and, of course, I loved their music. They were the ultimate combination of great songs, flash, and pure British cool. The Elton John “Yellow Brick Road” show was simply perfect from start to finish. Great band, perfect staging, perfect sound, perfect song selection and pacing. Elton blew everyone away that night.

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I saw Elton during his 1976 tour, couple months before "Blue Moves" was released. Saw him at Richfield Coloseum, right outside of Cleveland. The best show I´ve
ever seen, Elton was at his prime as a showman. I remember them opening with "Grow Some Fund of Your Own".....the band rocked for a couple minutes before Elton ran out
onto the stage and started doing his thing.....I was only 17, and had only been a serious Elton fan for less than a year, but I also remember having tears flow as I was so moved
out how great the show was.

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