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Lew Bundles

Footmaker...Miles Away

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I really dug these guys. Saw them play with Wally in North Jersey back in the day. It was the first time I saw Wally play live!

Pic by me! :cool:


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Bernie—I just saw this. That's a great photo of Wally! Wish I had seen Fotomaker. I don't remember them playing in my area at all... and as we know, they didn't last nearly long enough. Wally was a little late to the first album, and gone by the third. For me, it's that middle album, Vis-a-Vis—that stands out as their climax. I know some prefer the first album, but the second had the benefit of two of Wally's best compositions. And the killer power-pop song "Just for You"—and, of course, "Miles Away." Lots of potential... too bad they didn't keep it together another few years.

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