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Lew Bundles

30 Worst characters in the history of T.V.

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Watched a handful of episodes of "Buffy", but I found a good majority of the cast to be annoying, but was a tie between Trachtenberg and Allyson Hannigan.  BLECCH.

Full House -- yep, Kimmy Gibbler was one of those things that's not like the others, and again watched only a handful of episodes.

Big Bang Theory - - - liked the show, Priya was a distraction; and Sheldon was supposed to be annoying. if the other characters had handled Sheldon any differently, there would be no conflict to try to get through or resolve. (But I would have told him off --Sheldon--from the get-go!)

The rest of the list I mostly never watched (some I'd never even heard of) - - -considered it fluffy tripe and not what I wanted to spend my time on.

Was interesting to note though, if these different worst characters were this hated, then they did their acting job right if they were supposed to be.

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