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Lew Bundles

Interesting topic that the Berries show up in...

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So, in this guy's opinion, Fresh was a big jump from their first album. I think that's debatable.

Go All The Way
Come Around And See Me
I Saw The Light
Rock & Roll Mama
Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
With You In My Life
Get It Moving
I Can Remember

I Wanna Be With You
Goin' Nowhere Tonight
Let's Pretend
Every Way I Can
I Reach For The Light
Nobody Knows
It Seemed So Easy
Might As Well
If You Change Your Mind
Drivin' Around

Ok, let's have some fun with this. The 2 big hits off these two albums- GATW and IWBWY- give the nod to GATW. 2 other singles- DWSG and LP- give the nod to Let's Pretend. 2 songs that compare favorably- ISTL and IRFTL- toss up. Songs that should have been hits off both albums- CAASM and IYCYM- give the nod to IYCYM. ICR really has no equal on Fresh, but, since Fresh has one more song than the 1st album, I'll take NK and DA to equal up the comparison- so, what's it going to be- 2 for 1 or the mini rock opera ICR...I'm going with ICR. The tender Waiting vs. MAW- going with Waiting on this one. That leaves 3 songs on each album- R&RM, WYIML, and GIM on the 1st album; GNT, EWIC, and ISSE from Fresh. I think these three compare favorably and cancel each other out.

That gives me 3 picks from Raspberries and 2 picks from Fresh. But if I count the 2 for 1 as individual songs, I end up with a tie because of the extra song. Cop out? Naw- I just really like both albums!


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