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Lew Bundles

Raspberries Tribute Album

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I have this album somewhere but too lazy to dig it out(Plus, I am preparing a trip to Panama...more about that later)...

I remember I’m A Rocker as being bizarre but not much else...(of course, I know Scott McCarl’s wonderful version of Nobody Knows and Off Broadway did a great version of Tonight)...

Anybody can post some highlights?...

Raspberries Preserved

Release by Various Artists


1. I'm a Rocker, Rank Strangers

2. Go All the Way, Tiny Lights

3. I Reach for the Light, Webstirs

4. Overnight Sensation, Hushdrops

5. I Saw the Light, The Hang Ups

6. Goin' Nowhere Tonight, Bill Lloyd

7. I Wanna Be With You, Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot

8. Tonight, Off Broadway

9. Let's Pretend, Brad Jones

10. Play On, Gladhands

11. Last Dance, Swinger

12. Nobody Knows, Scott McCarl

13. Rose Colored Glasses, The Rock Club

14. Hands on You, Kevin Hickel

15. Cry, Bunnygrunt

16. Cruisin' Music, The Rubinoos

17. Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak, Swarays

18. Might as Well, The Shambles

19. Don't Want to Say Goodbye, The Flashcubes

20. Waiting, Ken Sharp

21. Hey Deanie, The Nicoteens


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