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Rock'n'Roll Raspberries

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Building off the "No Hard Feelings" vs. "I Don't Know What I Want," you could build an impressive uptempo record (or playlist) if you collected these 16 Raspberries, Eric, and Wally songs together. Part of the fun of their albums is the variety—classic rock, power pop, mid-tempo numbers, and ballads. But when you isolate these "louder" numbers, it makes for a rockin' and raucous good time: 

1. No Hard Feelings

2. I Don't Know What I Want

3. That's Rock'n'Roll

4. Ecstasy

5. I'm a Rocker (where's BeatleJay when you need him?)

6. Take It or Leave It

7. Name of the Game (Fotomaker)

8. Making It Easy

9. Tonight

10. All Through the Night

11. Every Way I Can

12. You Need Some Lovin'

13. Play On

14. Party's Over

15. Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak (live, Pop Art)

16. Go All the Way (live, Sunset Strip)

What do you think? 

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Well, that was on the bubble. It can be excised.... I don't love it... but I do like Marathon Man.


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Some thoughts:

Though I don´t like "You need some lovin" at all, it is one of Eric´s harder edged songs and belongs on the list.

"That´s Rock & Roll" doesn´t belong, imho. To me it´s pure upbeat pop, and perfection at that. Unless you include the Midnight Special live version which WAS a rocker.

I´d  include "On the Beach".....it might not scream and shout like some songs, but it REALLY rocks, especially the bridge.

I´d probably also include "Lost in the shuffle"....not one of my favorites, but I like  it, and it´s pretty rockish.

"Inside Story" really rocks & rolls, but it´s also very melodic and not hard edged. Might consider it for the list.



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