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Lew Bundles

Please Let Me Come Back Home by Raspberries

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Maybe Im totally wrong but I seem to remember Eric referencing Jim singing like Elvis. I don’t think Eric could, in those days go so low and the tone isn’t like Wally’s or Dave’s.  Could it be....Jim?

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You guys need to consult your copies of Eric Carmen: Marathon Man more frequently.

ERIC: “We recorded ‘Please Let Me Come Back Home’ and ‘Oh Tonight,’ in a little local studio in 1970. I asked the engineer if he knew what tape delay was. He said, ‘No.’ So I realized, ‘Okay. We’re not gonna get that, but I still need to have an Elvis-y sound. How am I gonna do that?’ I thought about it for a minute and said, ‘All right, let’s try this.’ I found a plywood board somewhere and set up one mike aimed at the board—very close to it, maybe six inches away—and then I stood facing the board as well, about three feet away from it and put another mike in front of me. I said, ‘When I sing, I want you to tape both of these mikes, so you’re getting it coming right from my mouth and then there’s a little delay as it bounces off that board and into the second mike. It worked and the engineer was looking at me like, ‘Oh my God! What genius!’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, that was pretty cool.’"


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