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Lew Bundles

Mccartney...What a catalogue!!!

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Curt Bourque
Curt Bourque, Became a teen Beatles fan with the red & blue collections!

Let us first consider his most successful time period. As a Beatle, it is a toss up between Yesterday, and Hey Jude.

Yesterday was covered more than any other song in recorded history. Far beyond any other known song

Hey Jude was the Beatles best selling single.


"Hey Jude" was released in August 1968 as the first single from the Beatles' record label Apple Records. More than seven minutes in length, it was at the time the longest single ever to top the British charts. Many said it was too long to be a single!

It spent nine weeks at number one in the United States, the longest for any Beatles single. "Hey Jude" tied the "all-time" record, at the time, for the longest run at the top of the US charts. The single has sold approximately eight million copies and is frequently included on professional critics' lists of the greatest songs of all time. In 2013, Billboard named it the 10th "biggest" song of all time.


And now let us consider his life after the Beatles, as the leader of Wings and as a solo act.


In Europe and Britain, Mull Of Kintyre with Wings was his best selling song. It sold more than the best selling song from the Beatles, Hey Jude (another Paul song).

As for America’s #1, a satirical & silly love song he wrote may surprise you…

And Billboard kindly has made us a list!

Paul McCartney's Top 40 Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits 6/18/2017 by Kristin Corpuz

In honor of Sir Paul McCartney’s birthday (June 18), Billboard looks back at his top 40 biggest songs on the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist and with his band Wings.

With nine No. 1s -- outside of The Beatles’ record-holding 20 -- McCartney is no stranger to the Hot 100. His first solo appearance on the chart came with the release of the double single “Another Day”/“Oh Woman Oh Why,” which eventually peaked at No. 5 in April 1971. He went on to chart 22 more top 10 smashes, and a total of 46 hits on the list.McCartney’s biggest Hot 100 hit (see our exclusive recap, below) is Wings’ “Silly Love Songs,” which ruled the weekly chart for five nonconsecutive weeks in May, June and July of 1976.

His No. 2 biggest hit is his chart-topping collaboration with Michael Jackson, “Say Say Say,” which spent six weeks at No. 1 in late 1983 and early 1984.McCartney -- an 18-time Grammy Award winner -- has also reigned on the list with further collaborative efforts. “Uncle Albert”/“Admiral Halsey,” his duet with his late wife, Linda McCartney, topped for one week in 1971; while “Ebony and Ivory” with Stevie Wonder spent seven weeks at No. 1 in 1982.

McCartney most recently charted on the Hot 100 with three collaborations with Kanye West, back in 2015, and all of them reached the top 40 on the weekly tally. West’s “Only One,” featuring McCartney, peaked at No. 35; “FourFiveSeconds,” a joint collaboration with West and Rihanna,reached No. 4; and West’s “All Day,” featuring Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom and McCartney, hit No. 15.

His latest album, Egypt Station, was a #1 hit for Sir Paul in 2018! As to specific songs…

Paul McCartney’s Top 40 Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits
Rank, Title, Act, Peak Position, Peak Date

1. “Silly Love Songs,” Wings, No. 1 (5 weeks), May 22, 1976
2. “Say Say Say,” Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson, No. 1 (6 weeks), Dec. 10, 1983
3. “Ebony and Ivory,” Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder, No. 1 (7 weeks), May 15, 1982
4. “My Love,” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 1 (4 weeks), June 2, 1973
5. “Coming Up (Live at Glasgow),” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 1 (3 weeks), June 28, 1980
6. “Band on the Run,” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 1 (1 week), June 8, 1974
7. “The Girl is Mine,” Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney, No. 2, Jan. 8, 1983
8. “Listen to What the Man Said,” Wings, No. 1 (1 week), July 19, 1975
9. “With a Little Luck,” Wings, No. 1 (2 weeks), May 20, 1978
10. “Live and Let Die,” Wings, No. 2, Aug. 11, 1973
11. “Let 'Em In,” Wings, No. 3, Aug. 14, 1976
12. “Junior's Farm/Sally G,” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 3, Jan. 11, 1975
13. “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” Paul & Linda McCartney, No. 1 (1 week), Sept. 4, 1971
14. “Goodnight Tonight,” Wings, No. 5, May 19, 1979
15. “No More Lonely Nights,” Paul McCartney, No. 6, Dec. 8, 1984
16. “Spies Like Us,” Paul McCartney, No. 7, Feb. 8, 1986
17. “Another Day/Oh Woman Oh Why,” Paul McCartney, No. 5, April 17, 1971
18. “Jet,” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 7, March 30, 1974
19. “Take it Away,” Paul McCartney, No. 10, Aug. 21, 1982
20. “FourFiveSeconds,” Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney, No. 4, Feb. 28, 2015
21. “Helen Wheels,” Paul McCartney & Wings, No. 10, Jan. 12, 1974
22. “Hi, Hi, Hi,” Wings, No. 10, Feb. 3, 1973
23. “Maybe I'm Amazed,” Wings, No. 10, April 2, 1977
24. “Venus and Mars Rock Show,” Wings, No. 12, Dec. 13, 1975
25. “Press,” Paul McCartney, No. 21, Sept. 13, 1986
26. “So Bad,” Paul McCartney, No. 23, Feb. 11, 1984
27. “My Brave Face,” Paul McCartney, No. 25, July 8, 1989
28. “Getting Closer,” Wings, No. 20, July 28, 1979
29. “Give Ireland Back to the Irish,” Wings, No. 21, April 8, 1972
30. “I've Had Enough,” Wings, No. 25, Aug. 5, 1978
31. “Girls’ School,” Wings, No. 33, Jan. 14, 1978
32. “Arrow Through Me,” Wings, No. 29, Oct. 13, 1979
33. “Mary Had a Little Lamb/Little Woman Love,” Wings, No. 28, July 22, 1972
34. “Letting Go,” Wings, No. 39, Oct. 25, 1975
35. “London Town,” Wings, No. 39, Oct. 14, 1978
36. “All Day,” Kanye West Featuring Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney, No. 15, March 21, 2015
37. “Tug of War,” Paul McCartney, No. 53, Oct. 23, 1982
38. “Only One,” Kanye West Featuring Paul McCartney, No. 35, Jan. 17, 2015
39. “The World Tonight (From “Fathers’ Day”),” Paul McCartney, No. 64, May 24, 1997
40. “Stranglehold,” Paul McCartney, No. 81, Nov. 29, 1986

(Paul McCartney's Biggest Billboard Hot 100 hits chart is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, through the June 24, 2017, ranking. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted to account for different chart turnover rates over various periods.)



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