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Jeopardy tournament of champions winner- Ken Jennings- also has great taste in music. From a few years ago:


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Who was seen singing along at the Raspberries reunion concert in New York a couple of years ago?

I recently read an article in the local paper about Ken Jennings (remember, the lady who ended his win streak is from Ventura). I was pretty sure Ken had to have a website- he's still very popular and is releasing a new book on trivia. I decided to take a chance and ask Ken about that Raspberries concert. Here's what he had to say about it:


Yeah, I like the Raspberries. I'm pretty big on 70s power pop in general and have those UK reissues of all four albums.

I happened to be in NYC for something that weekend (book tour, maybe?) and saw a listing for the reunion show at House of Blues. Got a ticket on the spur of the moment, just on a whim. And I'm glad I did--they all sounded great.

Thanks for the ericcarmen.com invite...I will definitely use that for any future Raspberries-chatting needs.




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At the B.B. King show, I saw Jennings singing along with every song...After the show I said to him, “ you must be a big fan because you know all the words”...He said, “Don’t forget, I’m Ken Jennings and I know everything”...He then signed an autograph, “Who is Ken Jennings”????

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