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Lew Bundles

The Berries as Progressive Rock?

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Prog-Pop, maybe? Here's Eric's commentary on the song:

"I think "I Can Remember" was always intended as an "epic" so I believe it was written piece by piece but always with the idea of putting it together ala "Bohemian Rhapsody." Wally, Dave and Jim liked it when I brought it in, although Jim didn't like the drum rave-up during the last choruses at the time. I've always enjoyed experimenting, pairing disparate elements like Keith Moon's drumming at the end of "My Generation" with an orchestral piano ballad and Beach Boys backing vocals just to see what happens. I remember watching the Choir play "My Generation" and thinking what a great job Jim did on it. I think I always had that it the back of my mind when I conceived the arrangement. It was supposed to be me on piano, with The Who playing, the Beach Boys singing, and a symphony. Pretty ambitious stuff for a bunch of twenty-year-olds! It actually ended up being kind of uncomfortably close to "prog rock" for me. It wasn't about anyone in particular. Like most of my songs, it was a composite." ec

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Eric has made many comments about how Raspberries was his answer to progressive rock. My understanding is that he was not exactly fond of it.



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