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2019 Year End Oldies Countdown

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I'm a big fan of "Rewound Radio".  You can get it via Tune-In.  It's hosted by a former WABC part-timer and died-in-the-wool AM radio guy.  Every year he does a countdown of the most voted-for oldies. Everyone can vote for their top 10 favorite oldies via email...once.

This year the Raspberries, Eric, and Fotomaker (!) made the list.

#2581: Where Have You Been All My Life - Fotomaker

#2260: Change of Heart - EC

#1735: Let's Pretend - Rasp

#1413: Hungry Eyes - EC

#876: I Wanna Be With You - Rasp

#82: Go All The Way - Rasp

(ABM, NGFILA and Overnight Sensation did not make the list....which means they did not get a single vote...not one!  Maybe we can do better next year.)

Here's the list...in its entirety.   Enjoy it while listening to Rewound Radio.  You'll enjoy it!







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Good find, Dave! Interesting that Fotomaker made the list—nice to see that underrated power-pop get remembered. And three Raspberries songs! Like you say, though, if a few of us had participated, the EC/Berries catalog would have had an even better showing. 


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