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Over the last 2 years or so I´ve bought like 600 dvds (movies, old movies, silents, documentaries, cartoons from the 1920s to the 1970s,, old tv shows, concerts etc.) and probably 400 cds. Wanted to stock up as I enjoy watching something of quality before bed, and don´t like tv at all really in 2019. Also I wanted to get these things in my hands as I feel there is a risk our cancel culture could very likely get a lot of them taken off the shelves, or horribly edited. Which actually has already started to happen.  Or possibly they´ll disappear soon because of lack of market demand.

Anyway, with this buying spree I also bought about 20 vinyl albums, just to try it out. I haven´t owned or played a vinyl in like 30 years. At first when I saw others buying vinyl I didn´t get it. But many said they enjoyed the listening experience more than they did with cds, so I decided to give vinyl a shot.  "Boats......" is one of the vinyls I bought, it´s so neat, the art and sleeve etc, all larger and thus more striking. I´ve started playing some of these vinyls on my record player, and am really enjoying the experience.

I like listening to each album side separately, I like buying the plastic coated inside sleeves to preserve the discs better, I like cleaning the disc after use. I like the enlarged art and liner notes. I like the look and texture of a record. It´s just a really good experience. Not sure if I´m riding on nostalgia, or if there´s something intrinsically special about vinyl. Hope I don´t  like it so much that I decide I need to convert my whole collection vinyl!!!

Anyway, thoughts on this stuff you guys?

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susie b   

I have always had my vinyl collection, hauling it from my childhood home to college to apartments to my home where, unfortunately, it was damaged by my house fire with the survivor being EC's first solo album and some 45's.

It was a HUGE collection, much like Marvin's, and many items are out of print, such as my 78's and 45's.

I am in the unique position to start over.  I have always haunted used record shops looking for rare and import discs, and when I traveled overseas, I would collect foreign versions of my favorite artists' works.  

One of my all-time favorite record stores, and a favorite haunt in college, was the big old Broadway location in Nashville of the Great Escape.  Spent plenty of time and money there adding to my vinyl collection.  Sad to hear that after 33 years they got priced out of the neighborhood with gentrification.  

The Great Escape is now on eBay and online, but nothing beats thumbing through the stacks, and in Nashville, I was in pretty good company.  Lots of musicians shopped there, too.  All were friendly and happy to chat with a college co-ed. 

Vinyl has a warm sound.  I greatly prefer analog to digital.

I love reading liner notes and have been known to study an album cover for hours.

There is also a physicality to vinyl, the whole process of cueing up a record, the drop of the needle, etc.

I knew every pop on some of my old and worn LPs.

I remember the programming notes written on album labels at my college radio station, WRVU.

Notes as to whether the song cut cold at the end or faded out.  The DJ had to know these things.

I am slowly but eagerly rebuilding my collection.

Wishing you the best as you build your own library, James.

Remember, the journey is half the fun!





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Agree with everything said above.  I still play my vinyl fairly regularly.  In truth, my entire stereo system was developed around records- everything from the brand of the turntable, the make of the stylus, and the weight of the tone arm on the record.  The 7 driver speakers I made sound best with analog input and vinyl.  Oh, I listen to cd's on this system and they sound just fine.  But sometimes I can hear that the music on cd has been recorded for smaller, faster, drivers and digital play back.  BTW, that system is going on 50 years now...    

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