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Pay attention to FAKE ERIC CARMEN

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One of my friend of E.C.F.C.Japan received a message from "Eric Carmen" on the FB messenger.
The "Eric Carmen" request her some money to his "charity foundation".

Then the "ERIC CARMEN" didn’t know much about Eric’s music.
She felt suspicious about the “ERIC CARMEN”.
So she asked me "Is Eric Carmen on FB?"  I said "NO".  
She asked the "ERIC CARMEN"on the FB messenger, 
“You are not Eric Carmen, aren’t you?” and blocked the message immediately.

Anyway FAKE ERIC CARMEN is here on FB.

You should better to take precautions about FAKE ERIC CARMEN!!!


I know you must be so amazed and shocked to get a text from me, trust me it's from me and I believe you know so well.

I was messaging some of my loyal fans and I saw your comments and profile and I was thinking I can have a lovely conversation with you.

Well can you support my charity foundation home well I think they need help from everyone that have the potential to help each other.

OK can you still help them with the money.


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Wow—that is a pretty lame message. Shame on the imposter for passing himself off as Eric. There oughta be a law....

Thanks for the heads-up, Naeko! 

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