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Raspberries Tribute Live in Japan

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Raspberries Tribute Live Show is planned in Tokyo on Nov.26!!!

Hiroyuki Izuta and his support band M's Company will perform according to Raspberries Reunion Show setlist.

Maybe some of you’ll know Hiroyuki Izuta with his Eric Carmen’s cover that I uploaded the video NGFLA and FOOLIN’ MYSELF.

The concert is scheduled on Nov.26 at Crawfish Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan.

Power-pop legends the Raspberries and Eric Carmen are highly regarded also in Japan.


48396371_1497137627087016_2386964015038332928_n (2).jpg


ECBD 2019.08.11.jpg

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I am a little lost on this...Is this a big concert on a big scale that is done as a tribute to Eric or is it something on a small scale where a few fans/musicians get together and do a little tribute show...?

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Lew, this guy does a tribute show to Eric every year on Eric's birthday- usually at a small club.  Now, it looks like he's going to tackle the Raspberries reunion show set with a backing band at the aforementioned venue- which, from the pictures I saw, is still a fairly small club.  Should be good- wish I was closer!

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