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Lew Bundles

Eric/Berries Copyright Battle

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The rest of the story:

The answer to Tony's follow-up question is Vittorio did get to keep most of the cash. We repeatedly tried to get a look at the books but were never suh-sess-uh-ful as (as Vittorio used to say).
Shortly after the lawsuit was filed there was a mysterious "fire" at CAM's NY office and amazingly the books perished in the "fire." We then tried to take a deposition from Vittorio's bookkeeper, but she had a "stroke" and couldn't testify. If he hadn't gotten greedy, I might have been there even longer. If not for "Footloose"," Dirty Dancing" and Celine's "Falling Into You" album, they might have had to bury me in a "pauper's grave" like Mozart.

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Same fictional company. Still functioning in NYC. But C.A.M. is owned and operated by the Italian company. Vittorio's fictional son ( who, on a side note, was once indicted for the fictional murder of a young woman on an island in the Caribbean, along with 3 or 4 of his rich, spoiled friends, one of whom is still incarcerated) runs Camex and Camerica. I guess you can't keep a good gene pool down.

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