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it's been a long week

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It's been a long week and it's Monday evening .


We just got home from a relaxing Caribbean cruise on Jan 30. Totally relaxed and unencumbered.

Still on  Island Time

Then smacked in the face with reality. My Mom in the ER saturday.
Early,early Sunday moring.......  I don't do early especially  on the weekend. Mom received a pacemaker.

Tonight she is home a doing well.

Sassy,grumpy and complaining! Thank you Lord! Back to normal.


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She was really kind of funny. Mom was a cardiac nurse. But retired 15-20 years ago 

As usual she was directing the doctors and nurses what to do.:blink:


Plus, my sister (her favorite) is the clinical nurse manager.

The boss (mom) is being bossed by the bossy-er my sister!


I have no idea why I find this so amusing 


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susie b   

If your mom is bossing, she is definitely feeling better.  It is definitely a good sign. :)

One of my elderly family members who was a practicing RN until she was 78, was hospitalized in a teaching hospital.  She kept trying to educate the student nurses as they placed her iv's and gave her shots.

Treasure your time with your mom. 

My elderly dad keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade our time together for anything.

Sending your mom wishes for a quick return to health!




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