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Lew Bundles

Claustrophobia...Help...Anybody out there?

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Ok, Lew....for the return trip, from my experiences flying, a couple pieces of advice:

1. Hold your pee, stay in your seat...and DON´T walk down the aisle to use the bathroom. If you´re anything like me, chicks in the aisle seats will take advantage and pinch
your butt as you walk to the bathroom in the back of the plane. Last time I used the bathroom during a flight, I returned home with finger hickies all  over my butt!!!  Man.

2. If a stewardess is walking down the aisle, and bumps you with her hip,....in my case it always means she´s trying to get my attention, in your case it likely means she´s overweight and can´t help but hitting  you (and the other passengers sitting in the aisle seats).. with her hips. When this happens to you, you should be kind and neighborly, and  recommend to the overweight stewardess that she lay off the food a little, and burn more calories. I´m know she´ll appreciate your unselfish neighborly advice to her.

3. If you have a window seat and your plane gets hijacked to Ecuador, you will fly past my home on the beach here In Panamá. To spot me, look for a mushroom cloud ascending to the skies (I ate White Castle hamburgers last night)...and you´ll know you´re flying over me. Please be friendly and wave,  and I´ll wave back.

Anyway Lew, that´s it for now. I´ll add some stuff if anything comes to mind. : )

Hope you´re having a great time!



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