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Playlist: Beatles-Influenced 'berries

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After posting the thread called "Playlist: EC's Beach Boys Influence," how could I not do this one? So... here's a Beatle-esque playlist drawn from Raspberries and Eric Carmen albums. 

1. "Nobody Knows" (2:19) — The common (and correct) observation is that Eric Carmen's "Nobody Knows" is as enjoyable as anything on Rubber Soul. 

2. "Might as Well" (2:25) — This Wally Bryson tune also feels like it has Rubber Soul roots—memorable melody, nice harmonies. 

3. "Waiting" (2:45) — There's only one "Yesterday," but... this early Eric Carmen ballad from Raspberries' debut album has always reminded me of that Beatles classic. 

4. "Love Is All That Matters" (4:24) — Does this Boats Against the Current song have roots in Paul McCartney's sweetest and most melodic ballads?

5. "I Reach for the Light" (3:51) — Eric Carmen channels Paul McCartney in this great Fresh track. 

6. "With You in My Life" (2:49) — Doesn't "When I'm 64" slip into your head when you hear this Wally Bryson number?  

7. "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" (5:36) — The legend that John Lennon had a hand in the mix only helps connect the dots from "Overnight Sensation" to the great Lennon & McCartney music of the 1966-67 period. That said, it's impossible to pin this song just to the Beatles' influence; as Kirk points out, this also could land in the aforementioned "EC's Beach Boys Influence" list.

8. "No Hard Feelings" (5:40) — Eric's most blistering solo track ever also feels like a White Album-era song—a McCartney-ish rocker in the vein of "Birthday" and "Helter Skelter," at least from the music side. 

9. "Cry" (2:41) — There's also a White Album-era feel to this Starting Over track, thanks to Scott McCarl's Lennon-esque voice, Eric's hand as co-writer, and Wally's helter-skelter guitar.  

10. "I'm a Rocker" (5:11) — Eric is more often cast as McCartney-influenced, but on this rocker, I hear a bit of late-Beatles, early solo John Lennon.

11. "Hands on You" (2:18) — This Bryson and McCarl collaboration makes me think of the Beatles' Let It Be sessions. 

12. "Desperate Fools" (3:03)— Another EC solo ballad boasting a McCartney-worthy melody.

For bonus playlist additions, how about "Baby's in Black," "No Reply," and "Ticket to Ride" from Pop Art

What did I miss? 


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LC, just to tie these 2 threads together, Eric once said that "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys and "Ticket To Ride" by The Beatles were the epitome of both groups.  'Nuff said!

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