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Great Moments in EC.com History #21—"Walk Down Abbey Road" tour frustrations

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The early days of Bernie's site had ups and downs... and nothing caused more ups and downs in 2002 than the infamous Walk Down Abbey Road Tour. Eric Carmen's in-and-out status at various dates had the board lighting up. When he did play, reviews were great. When he wasn't part of the show in various venues, fans were frustrated. There are all kinds of threads in 2002 that had venue announcements and reviews, but the capper was really this one: 

The thread's title says it all: "Speculation on Eric's Reasons" (for skipping out on the tour). Some posters cut him slack; others were registering complaints over wasting money on tickets and travel to a show they'd otherwise not have attended. 

The talk also takes lots of turns down "Winter Dreams" and Eric's Geffen album—fireworks! Check it out....

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