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Great Moments in EC.com History #16 — Eric's big "Boats" reveals

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I love "Desperate Fools," as many of you do, and with Eric showing up frequently on the board in 2007, I put up a thread about that song, hoping he'd give us some insight. Sure enough, Eric stopped in multiple times over the days that followed and kept dropping unknown tidbits—not just about the making of "Desperate Fools" and the album from which it came (Change of Heart) but about the whole Boats Against the Current album, which had come out two years earlier. 

Most intriguing was Eric's comment that Arista flipped the song order he wanted for Boats. But there were other tidbits, too. For example, "Temporary Hero" was originally to be the 7th song on the album but that song got lost in the process (he explains how). And when Gus Dudgeon dropped out of the project, he left Eric with 46 reels of 2-inch tape, each containing about four takes.

COOL thread. Eric's comments shed light on some of our favorite EC moments. You don't get that kind of input every day!  



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