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Great Moments in EC.com History #9

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SugarBabi7 (Cheri) was such a character, RIP, and it was a shocker to lose her. But while she was with us, she opened up her Sugar's Soda Shoppe threads and got hundreds, no, thousands of replies. It was the ultimate virtual playground that went into a million directions. Its first incarnation had so many responses that I think it crashed Bernie's server; you'll see a reference to that in the first post of Sugar's Soda Shoppe 2 — Oldies & Novelties: 

Unless Gov. Hogya delivers a reprieve, you won't have time to go through the whole thing... but you can spot-check, like I did, and get a few yuks. 

It's all free-form fun, with games and non sequiturs and foolishness all the way through. Like, a bunch of grown-up kids being goofy just for the heck of it.  

Then, on page 17, there's news of Cheri's illness, and while Muzza and a few others kept things rolling for another page, Foolin' Myself ended this long thread by noting that "Like Judy Garland, Cheri's 'Over the Rainbow' as well." 

One confusing thing: There's a thread that seems to be the same, except it starts without Bernie's note, and it runs a few posts beyond Foolin' Myself's tribute (with more remembrances of Cheri). It's here:



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