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Great Moments in EC.com History #8

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Blackhawk Pat's got new threads up where we're ranking 'berries albums and EC albums in terms of favorite to least favorite. The threads remind me of this one, which asked for each poster's 10 favorite Raspberries songs. After 38 responses, I compiled the results, which appear on page 2 of the thread. No surprise: "Go All the Way" won this small-sampling (and unscientific) poll.

I was looking at my own list to see if I still left the same. I don't. My revised: 

1. Go All the Way, because it's such an indelible moment in power-pop history.

2. Overnight Sensation (formerly my #3), because it's so artistic and well-crafted in expressing the desire to score that "hit record."

3. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine (formerly my #8), because of its urgency and combination of "ballad" and "rocker."

4. I Can Remember (formerly my #6), because it's just... epic.

5. Let's Pretend, but with the slow version now ahead of the original, for me.

6. If You Change Your Mind (formerly my #4)

7. Tonight 

8. On the Beach (not ranked last time)

9. Should I Wait (formerly my #9)

10. I Wanna Be with You (formerly my #2)

Last time, I wrote that the hardest to leave off were "Nobody Knows" and "Party's Over." Ditto, because one reminds me of Rubber Soul-era Beatles, and the other is an autobiographical cruncher that sums up the 'berries' dissolution.

Also hard to leave out: "Waiting" (which I originally had at #10) because it's so wonderfully melancholy, and "I Don't Know What I Want," because it's' the exact opposite—and sometimes I still feel like that. At this age!  

And can I add "Cruisin' Music," because it's such a sunny, fun number?

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On second look, I noticed that your first poll tallied the first four singles in the same order they were released!

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You're right—I didn't notice that!


229.0--Go All the Way (31 votes)

190.5--I Wanna Be With You (29)

181.5--Let's Pretend (29)

171.0--Tonight (27)

167.5--I Can Remember (26)

166.5--Overnight Sensation (27)

138.5--Ecstacy (27)

130.5--If You Change Your Mind (20)

69.0--Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (13)

68.0--Nobody Knows (21)

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"Cruisin Music", I agree, it´s so great it´d be the #1 song in the catalogue of 95% of the artists´ out there. Brilliant fun-time, sunshine 60s type gem.

Other honorable brilliant mentions:  "All Through The Night"....for the music mostly, "I Saw The Light", "I´m a Rocker (live)"....never really got into the studio version, but the live
version sometimes is my favorite Raspberries song, "Starting Over"...really good song, but mostly it´s great cuz it´s Kirk´s favorite song of all time :-)
....."With You in My Life".....lot going on in this tune, didn´t like it back in the day, today I adore it.




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