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Great Moments in EC.com History #2

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There was a short while where I was putting up threads where I'd post two versions of the same song by different groups ("Roll Over Beethoven" by the Beatles and ELO was one of them, I remember), and they were great fun. In January 2009, Tim From Wisconsin joined in the fun and put up the best one yet—a pairing that resulted in the most bizarre and fun and riotous thread ever at EC.com: "Sweet vs. Joan Jett "AC/DC." 

Eric himself posted quickly with: "I don't even have to listen to it. Joan Jett. Joan's authentic. Sweet were silly Led Zep wannabes. I toured with them, and they were a bunch of wankers."

Classic! And then John P brought up a passage from a book where Sweet trashed Eric about piano sound checks on a long-ago tour. Eric hadn't seen the passage, but once he did, this he set the record straight—and this thread was off to the races.

A Sweet fan using the name Panasonicq came on to defend his heroes (page 2) and suggested, "Let the dust settle." No chance. The thread came alive with:

• Sweet vs. EC/Raspberries debates

• a host of Sweet fans infiltrating EC.com

• Lew Bundles leading a charge of EC.com posters to the Sweet fan site bulletin board

• dust-ups an skirmishes between longtime EC.com members

• and, overall, volumes of hilarity.

(It turns out that John P knew Panasonicq, the main Sweet protagonist, from years earlier, as we find out on page 16, so that's maybe were the back-and-forth started.)

After 16 pages, Bernie closed the thread with, "Okay... ready to move on? It's time."

(Bernie, those were prophetic words, as they could apply this month to the whole Community, right?)



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Good stuff LC.  Thank you. The Sweet stuff was a brilliant moment in time. The stars came together on that thread.

And RE: Lew, I´ll still take Lew´s posts on EC.Com as the funniest/best humor I´ve experienced anywhere, anytime....tv, film, stand-up. 

Lew´s stuff was the best.

But, sadly, he could never hold on to Lewisa,....it´s NOT my fault that I´ve got it, and Lew, well......


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