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Matthew C. Clark

Paul McCartney "Fuh You"

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1 hour ago, James said:

That 45 record looks SO cool,...  grainy, shiny....I almost want to eat it! 

Ha! I had an art teacher in college that used to tell us, "I want you to make artwork so good, that I'll want to eat it!"

I don't remember his name, but he was a super cool, long-haired dude. He looked like George Carlin, and had a wicked sense of humor like him, too! He gave us a test once that included this multiple choice question:

Chroma is:

A) The brightness of a color
B) The saturation of a color
C) What an Italian calls the shiny parts of his car



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22 minutes ago, Nancy said:

I've never heard of that song before...

Hey Nancy! Crank it up!



PS: Man that ending had the hair on my arms standing up straight!!! Joe English is hitting those drums so hard it's like a sledgehammer is hitting you in the gut! And who else but McCartney could belt out those notes! And Denny is up off his piano seat! And Jimmy—he's the only guy playing guitar but it sounds like three guys are playing! Whoa!

PPS: That incredible smile Paul gives Linda at 1:43 says, "Screw everybody that doesn't want me to be in a band with my wife. I :heartpump: love looking over there on stage and seeing you there!" 

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