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Rare Photo of the (Ahem) Week?

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I finally got all of the photos restored to the "Rare Photo of the Week" Forum. It was a lot of work—and I can't imagine it being meaningful to anyone but a handful of fans who still visit—but something inside me still wants to keep EC.com up and running.

I also added a new photo. The first new one in about two years! 😳


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It's your labor of love, your open book to the world for a very special person "we" all love. You've spent may days, hours and minutes working on it so "we" all can be here, share,  learn and enjoy. I think the one's that truly get that and appreciate it are still here and I'd like to think I'm one of those handful's too. You truly inspire me because it is a lot of work and your dedication to it and too everyone here is timeless and endless!


Thank you too, for all you do!


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