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Matthew C. Clark

Qwasi Qwa "Shaking Hands With The Governor"

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I finally listened to Qwasi Qwa "Shaking Hands With The Governor" (featuring Wally Bryson's son Jesse) which was recorded at Wibert's in Cleveland, Ohio back on July 6, 1999 in front of a live audience & the CD was released in 2000. The total CD runs 37:17 in length. The first song "Dogs Barking In My Ear" kicks things off which is not bad. The song "Cursed With A Good Heart" runs 5:57 & at the end of the song, Jesse says "We'll be back in just a minute". The song "Don't Wanna Talk To You" is a good song. The song "Thinking Your Life Away" is one of my favorites from that CD which runs 3:19 & NO audience clapping though at the end of the song. The song "Little Pawn" is also an great song too. The final song "Sweet Queen" wraps up the CD which runs 6:17 in length.    Matt   

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