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Matthew C. Clark

Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue"

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I finally listened to Dave Smalley "Internal Monologue" (from 2003) on my headphones. The CD runs 38:34 in total length. What I like to know when I listened to my headphones, did Legendstar Records used a bad reel to reel tape because some of the songs are damaged.:( The first song "Sooner Or Later" (NOT The Grass Roots 1971 song) kicks things off & a great song. The remake of The Choir 1967 song "It's Cold Outside" is indeed unplugged!!  The song "Bad Blood" (NOT the 1975 duet with Neil Sedaka & Elton John) is another great song & indeed cowbell too!! The song "Born In The Country" is Dave doing country style!!  "The song "Something I Could Say" is another great song. The remake of the late Del Shannon song "Restless" (from Del Shannon's final CD "Rock On" in 1990???) (NOT sure) is another great song. The song "Warrior At Rest" is a song about Dave's father (who passed away on May 6, 2002) & all fallen comrades. The final song "Someone Like You" has indeed Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl on backing vocals which closes the CD at the 5:20 mark!!   Four stars out of five stars.    Matt    

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