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Matthew C. Clark

The Bryson Group "Dry"

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I just finished up the CD of The Bryson Group "Dry" (from 2003) which runs 68:50 in total length of the CD. The song "Lady K" kicks off the CD which runs 2:26. The song "Dry" has the voices swirled near the end of the song & runs 4:46. The song "Train" should have more cowbell & runs 4:17. The song "Just Dream With Me" is a great rock ballad which runs 4:59. The song "You Gotta Rock" cuts off at the 3:53 mark with the guitar part. The song "Come Inside" reminds me of The Raspberries song "Making It Easy" & runs 6:25. The song "Stay In" only runs 1:38.  The song "Brothers With Blues" is the longest song on the CD running 8:37 & finally the song "Time Alone" runs a short 1:39 that closes the CD.   Three & 1/2 stars out of  five stars!!    

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