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Matthew C. Clark

Fotomaker "Vis-A-Vis"

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I just finished up listening to Fotomaker second (album) CD "Vis-A-Vis" on Wounded Bird which came out in 2005. Still the songs "If I Can't Believe In You", "Snowblind" & "Miles Away" are my favorites. Here are the remaining 6 songs. The song "Does She Dance" (3:28 in length) is not bad of a song. The song "Just For You" also reminds me of Badfinger as well as The Hawks 1981 song "Right Away" (3:32 in length). The song "Come Back" is Wally Bryson singing on that song (3:18 in length). The song "Two Way Street" is not that bad (4:32 in length). The song "Sweet Lies" is another Bryson's hard rocker (3:40 in length). Finally, the song "Make It Look Like An Accident" reminds me of REO Speedwagon a little bit (4:30 in length) which closes the CD.  The CD total length is 40:47 & also does NOT have a countdown of the next song.   I do like this CD over the debut!!      

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