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Matthew C. Clark

More To Come

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Here's is what I am getting:

1. Raspberries - Refreshed (6 song EP) (also autographed by Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson & Scott McCarl)!!

2. The Bryson Group - Dry (Wally & Jesse)

3. Dave Smalley - Internal Monologue

4. Boxer - By The Seat Of Our Pants (with Jim Bonfanti)

5. Sittin' Ducks (with Wally Bryson)

6. Jeff Soukup - Ride (2015) (with Jim Bonfanti) (also autographed by Jeff)

7. Qwasi Qua - Shaking Hands With The Governor (with Wally Bryson's son Jesse Bryson)

8. Fotomaker - Vis - A - Vis (1978) (with Wally Bryson)

9. Oliver - Good Morning Starshine: The Best Of (with the song "Light The Way" written by Eric Carmen from 1971)

But that is it!!      Matt   

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