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Go All The Way...2009

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...by Susanah Huffs and a dude.  I actually like it, at least on some level, better than the Raspberries version.  The guitars are better (IMHO)  and I love how
Huffs sings her parts.

I just happened onto this tonight:

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Usually I don't care for covers, but I shall give it another listen after I listen to what I found by chance, maybe nine or ten times: Eric and Cyrus Eri's "Cindy in the Wind".

Years ago, when it was posted here, I would sing and listen to it every day I could. My third child wondered why I'd love to sing the song high soprano with the window open.

I must have distracted him from riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, which is illegal here.

Ah, to be thirteen again.

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