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Brand New Year 45 Contest!

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Hey guys! I've got 5 copies of the limited edition individually-numbered "Record Store Day" 45 single courtesy of Sony/Legacy Records up for grabs. How about a contest?

Send your answers to these 3 questions along with your name and address to me at raspbernie@ericcarmen.com and I'll pick 5 at random next Sunday 10/16.

Here we go—I'll make this easy :) :

1. What is Eric's middle name?
2. What was the first song Raspberries played together as a group?
3. What year did Eric tour with Ringo Starr?

Good luck everybody! 


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Even though I received a bunch of entries there were only THREE with correct answers:

1. Howard
2. "I've Got A Feeling"
3. 2000

Our winners are Kirk, Susie B and Pam. Congrats, everyone!


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susie b   

I know mine is sitting at the PO, waiting for me when I return from my business trip, so thank you in advance, Bernie!!! 

You ARE the best!!!

Hope Pam and Kirk are enjoying the music!!!!



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