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Promoting "Side 3"

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In September 1973, Eric paid a visit to local radio station WMMS where his old friend David Spero talked to him about the band and their new LP.

“When the first Raspberries album came out,” explained David Spero, “it was getting tons of airplay on AM radio, so FM radio totally disregarded it. That’s just how it worked back then. When I heard Side 3, I thought, ‘We should be playing this.’ Eric came on my radio show to talk about the record and to play it.”

In the in-depth yet freewheeling interview, Eric gave David Spero—along with thousands of fellow Clevelanders—a taste of his sharp wit and self-deprecating sense of humor. So, slip off those platform shoes, grab a bottle of 7 Up, and skip that new episode of the Waltons on CBS. It's time to step back in time at EC.com:



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Great way to start the day- thanks, B!  Later in Eric's solo career, this same David Spero would go on to be Eric's manager.  Great interview! 

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Cool! Mood lifter. Ahh, to be 14 again!!! :wub: I had a major crush that year.

Platform shoes... fell twice, threw them out immediately. I should have had my radio with GATW to cushion things.

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