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Happy Birthday Cynthiaalma

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Thank you so much susie b, had a nice lunch with my daughter at Pickety Place in Mason nh, Its the home of the author of Little Red Riding  Hood. Awesome place!!

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Dear Cynthiaalma,

I haven't been keeping up with the birthdays lately, so even though this is a day late, it is still a wish given with all the best of blessings packed into a wish for someone who has made it through another year and has a great one ahead.  God bless the works of your efforts, the faith of your heart and the kindness you show others that will never disappear into the void but come back to you again with the full force of God's love for you along with it.

Smile, and be at peace. The Lord God of your minutes, hours, days, and years is waiting to guide you forward through your life yet to come.

HApPy biRthDaY !!! :lol:

AnneNR  :D

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